Who we are

Lekil Kuxlejal means harmony of life, order, union, integration of the individual, the community and nature in Tseltal. We achieve Lekil Kuxlejal if there is inner peace and our hearts are happy. Our hearts are happy if there is silence, if there is Slamalil K’inal, a state of silence of the mind and harmony with the other and other people. That is why silence, Ch’ab, is sacred. It is a state of awareness that allows “pacification”, which in turn makes people light and happy.

We feel the environment that smiles,
like the birds of the field.
That’s what we are like, like them,
flying around the world …

In this Tseltal song, the world laughs in the same way as people who have achieved Lekil Kuxlejal do, because they are so complete that they flow as water does: calmly, torrentially, powerfully, impetuously or violently as required, but in peace. Peace is the place of silence and when there is peace there is no sadness in the heart, no pain, no crying, no fear. There is only the flow of life, the pulse of life, its toing and froing in the world, flying, “like the birds of the field” … Based on these ideas, Lekil Kuxlejal A.C. is a group of people seeking to achieve a space of harmony in Casa Xitla.


Lekil Kuxlejal AC is a civil society organization encompassing five main dimensions: Human Rights, Peace, Spiritualities, Art and Nature Conservation. It organizes courses, workshops and meetings, in which it integrates these dimensions, mainstreaming gender and ethereal diversity. It promotes activities that integrate these five dimensions from a critical, proactive perspective.

Lekil Kuxlejal AC seeks to coordinate initiatives and assist actors with their proposals.


LEKIL KUXLEJAL AC will become a social benchmark by combining its five dimensions of action, and a space of trust, credibility and reference. It will liaise with many other organizations devoted to peace, human rights, environmental care, spiritualities and the arts, becoming a space of harmony, coordination and consensus.